Career Diversity

Real talk about diversity and careers: The things you want to talk about at work but can't...and probably shouldn't.

Welcome to the Career Diversity blog!

A little history

A couple of us were at the office one day and thought to ourselves, where do minority young professionals go to share their professional ups and downs. The answer was unanimously “nowhere”, so we created this blog to start the dialogue.

Was that little enough?

The purpose = To share

So far, we have three hopes for the blog, but we’re open to your opinions, contributions, and feedback to help us shape the conversation. We would love for you to engage via writing articles and making comments that:

  1. Share your personal experiences and get support
  2. Share your thoughts and opinions about corporate America
  3. Share opportunities for professional development

In summary, this blog is all about sharing…just in case you didn’t get it yet.

I’m feeling it…Now what?

Uhhhh…There are a few of ways to get the ball rolling:

  1. Write an article about anything and share it (ie question, insight, experience, etc)
  2. Comment on existing blog entries
  3. Send us some feedback on what you want
  4. Subscribe to the blog here

We’ll see what happens from there.

Stay upwardly mobile...



  1. Kehsa Batista  

    This forum is great place to vent and learn. I have quite a few stories and management experiences to share, but the "post something" link redirects me to the MLT page. Am I looking in the right place? The topic of my first blog is: "Recognizing when helping could be hurting you in the workplace: Potential versus false hope".

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